A To Z Of Architectural Shingles You Need to Know by Roofer Milwaukee

Are you in a dilemma in picking one shingle for your new roof? The roofer Milwaukee has got the solution to your problems. Among the three types of asphalt shingles, you will have to choose one if you like asphalt. The architectural or dimensional shingles have got the attraction of so many people because of their exclusive features. Let’s know about them:

Architectural Or Dimensional Shingles

The 3-tab shingles were the most popular before the architectural shingles came in front of the people. In 1970, architectural shingles came into being. Since that, they have been popular. The materials of these shingles are fiberglass and organic materials. Besides, some other materials mixed with asphalt, like minerals, have made the shingles more durable. The other shingles have no depth, and they are flat. The roofers have to layer them to bring dimension.

From here, the idea of dimension shingles has risen. They are different from the other shingles in their layer, depth, and thickness. In appearance, they have got similarities with the slate tiles or wood shakes. The traditional shingles do not make your roof something unique. But the dimensional or architectural roof can. There are two layers in them attached which adds a dimension. Besides, there are no notches to expose the layers. It gives the shingles a three-dimensional appearance.

Designer Shingles

The manufacturer never leaves any chance to create something new. The same happened to the manufacturer of the architectural shingles. The new style they have picked for the shingles is the Victorian style. There are more asphalt layers in these shingles. You will find them in various colors and ornamental designs, which are very suitable for a decorative look. These designer shingles are found in names like slate, tiles, shake, etc. It is a technique to take over the place of other expensive roofing materials with the same look. Some other names of these designer shingles are:

  • High definition
  • Premium
  • Ultra-premium
  • Architectural Shingles Cost 

The architectural shingles cost a bit more than the regular shingles. It will cost you 20% more than those of $3 to $5 per square foot. The range of the designer shingles is higher than dimensional shingles. It will start from $4 to $6 per square foot. There is no extra charge included in this price.

Things You Will Get from Architectural Shingles  

The durability of the dimensional shingle is much more than the regular shingles. These shingles can provide more safety in extreme situations like a strong wind, heavy rain, snowfall, etc. An architectural shingle can hold 130 mph winds. The durability is at least 40 years. Compared to the traditional shingles, it is 20 years extra. But the manufacturer will give you the warranty with additional years of lifespan. Their multi-dimensional look and surface texture will surprise anyone.

The availability of the shingles is very much as their demand is high. You can easily set and install them anywhere you want. Which color do you want? These shingles can provide you with that color accurately. Because it has so many collections of colors, you may not be able to pick one from them. It will give your roof a completely different look in the area you live among other roofs. Even the neighbors may imitate your roof design and color. Don’t blame them for it!

Limitations Of Architectural Shingles 

The architectural shingles have some limitations, too, along with the benefits. The cost is higher than the other shingles, and you cannot ignore the fact. In addition, the installation cost will add 20% to the average price. The organic materials may attract molds and algae.

Final Words

A roofing company Milwaukee https://cloudroofingmilwaukee.com will give you the most beneficial advice when you want the best products for your roof. It is not that your selection doesn’t have any value. Of course, it has. But you may not have the right ideas about the shingles. The architectural shingles are a very suitable material for your roof but at a high price. The price doesn’t matter when you will get more benefits from it than other regular shingles!